February 2019

New HAK branch in cooperation with Sony DADC and further companies

Recognizing future trends at an early stage and responding to the opportunities as well as to the requirements of the location: this is exactly what HAK Hallein is doing with its new school branch “Industrial Business”.

In cooperation with Sony DADC, the Salzburg Federation of Industry, the Province Salzburg and the Education Directorate Salzburg, HAK Hallein principal Werner Huber presented the new school branch. Start will be in September 2019.

As the only commercial school in Salzburg, the HAK Hallein has designed a school branch that combines sound economic and technical education with comprehensive operational practice in the Salzburg industrial companies. Foreign language training and interdisciplinary projects complement this educational offer.

“Industrial Business” offers the great advantage of training future talents who work in Salzburg and are globally successful.

The combination of business content and two foreign languages with practical experience is a perfect preparation for the operational challenges faced by young talents, also at Sony DADC. Click here for further information (available in German language only).


We are looking forward to a further close cooperation with HAK Hallein and the future pupils of the school branch “Industrial Business”!


Pictures: ? Andreas Kolarik

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